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This blog is now CLOSED!
With much sadness in our hearts we had to make a decision to CLOSE our La-La Land Crafts For Kids Blog. We would like to thank everyone who'd participated in our challenges and of course the biggest thank you goes to our Blog Hostesses! We hope that you all will continue sharing your La-La Land Crafts makes with us on our "grown-up" blog and/or on our Facebook Page and Group.
All the best from all of us at La-La Land Crafts!

Marci Money

We introduce to you... MARCI MONEY!!

ALL contest entrants will receive $1 in Marci Money* (emailed to you so you can print one out)  

The contest winner will receive a $10 bill in Marci Money* (emailed to you so you can print it out)

One dollar in Marci Money = One American dollar!!  (No worries about shipping/taxes ~ that's grown up stuff!)  Kids can save up their Marci Money, and when they have enough, they can put them in an envelope along with their "shopping list" and mail them to La-La Land Crafts ~ then your stamps will be mailed to you!   How FUN Is that?!!

** Each bill will be marked with the starting date of the contest and will be Emailed to you (or your mom) for you to print out (color or can be black/white).  You may only print ONE of each dated bill for each project you entered per contest.  Enter once, print one dollar.  Enter twice, print the dollar twice.  Put them somewhere safe and save them up for your "shopping trip"! 

*** After you print out your Marci Money, PLEASE do the following on the backside of the money:
  • write your name
  • mailing address
  • contest theme
  • your entry number

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