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Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday to ME!

Hello again La-La Landers,

I have to say it seems like a very long time since I had something to share with you on the blog, but I am happy today to share the fun I had with some of my favourite friends. Today is a special day, it is my Mum's birthday AND it is my HALF birthday.

I had some friends over for a sleepover last night and today my mum took the day off from work and I had a PED DAY =  NO SCHOOL! We did crafts, some ice-skating outside and then we decorated cakes. Each person decorated a cake box to take their masterpieces home in.

Can you guess which stamp we used on the top of the boxes?

Yes Chef Marci. The box was a little shiny so we used permenant markers to colour our names and Chef Marci, because they dry quickly and smudge less! I did not have a box, because I did not need to take my cake anywhere. I started a "poster" anyway, but had more fun watching my friends make their decorations.

Hope you like our fun. We had a great, fantastic, awesome time working together. Do you ever get together and craft with your friends too?? Maybe you can work together on an entry in our current contest!

See you soon.
Hannah xxx

PS. Would you like to see our cakes too...


Anonymous said...

Wow the cakes look amazing. Do you know if your friends have eaten theirs yet. it is such a fabulous idea to give each child their own cake to take home. I might do that with my sons next birthday. thanks for the idea!
I hope you had a happy 1/2 birthday!! and your mum had a great full birthday, was she very old?
great project.xx

Kristine said...

Great idea to have them decorate their own cake boxes! Looks like so much fun... and what a great mum to let you have the fun with your friends on her birthday and your 1/2 b-day. I've never heard of anyone celebrating a "1/2 birthday" before, so what a lucky kid you are!! :)

Jana Weaver said...

Wow Hannah, looks like you and your friends had a wonderful day! The cake boxes turned out beautiful, and the cakes look super yummy!! Happy Half birthday!!